Friday, 15 July 2016

The basis of Seni Silat Melayu

The word of Seni Silat come from combination of two words of art and martial. The steps in Seni Silat have a relationship with self defense attack. 

The words of Silat Olahraga comes from development of many types martial arts institution. 

In Silat Olahraga the two fighters that involve in the competition may come from different or same institution but winning is the name of an individual.

The Silat Olahraga have three types of games; free competition or extraordinary championship, championship games and performance games (Anuar, 1992). 

  • The free competition championship is competitions between martial arts among different martial art institution such as between Silat and Taekwan-do, Silat and Kickboxing. 
  • The championship games is a competition to find winners from state level, national or international. 
  • The performance games is a just presentation or show about the martial art for events such as national day.

Silat is a martial art from Malay race. This martial art that have own movement to attack, defend or attack during defend. The Malay people with knowledge of  martial art develop the institution of martial art to make sure the Malay people know the martial art tradition. 

The games based on the art of  war was created to prevent the institution of  Malay martial art cannot be detected by the colonialist since the fall of the traditional Malay civilization. 

The martial also known as kind of games, sports that need agility in attacking and defend from attacking by other people (Shapie et al., 2013).

Silat is the combat sports the required the practitioners to master the striking and defensive actions for example kicking, hitting throwing, catching and blocking wich also similiar to other all martial arts techniques.


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Thursday, 7 July 2016

T40P - International Fund Raising Silat 2016

T40P is a unique venture in which each member of the public, corporate and private institutions and governments can help to support the development and expansion of Silat Martial Arts education to Malaysians interested in pursuing life through silat education. 

We uphold the principle of improving the quality of life and prosperity based on excellence in education Malay silat.

For More Information Please Visit: International Silat Fund 2016