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Silat European Tour 2014: Phase 3 of Training.

Silat European Tour 2014: Phase 3 of Training.

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,
PSGFM is now on the last phase of preparation for the upcoming European tour on 12th October 2014. A total of eight deligation from Malaysia will be heading of the Rzeszow, Poland to make the nation proud and bringing the image of Silat Malaysia on the World Stage.

The Delegations are being lead by Tuan Guru Mohamad Nizam Mohamed Shapie as the  International Silat Expert  whom will present his research paper of sports science in sialt olahraga , he will also be teaching a silat workshop and performance of Silat Malaysia in Regionalne Centrum Sportowo- Widowiskowe, Podpromie Street 10 Rzeszow .
The third training phase was held 3 days from 9th October 2014 and ended on 11th October 2014 3 pm local time. Venue of the training at Homestay Shah Alam and its objective is to encourage teamwork amongst Malaysia delegations.
The Delegations comprises of  two Silat Gurus , three UiTM students and two UM students and they will compete with 11 other major martial artists form all around the world.
The Training is being led by the group’s leader, Cikgu Safwan Abu Hassan who ahs been practicing and teaching silat since 2004. He will be performing Tempuer Bersenjata alongside Amir Asyraf from Johor and Tekong bersenjata as well as buah silat with all other delegations.

 Two ladies and gentlemens  from PSGFM, Miss Azizah and Miss Shuhadah will be performing buah pukulan silat and tekong silat with other delegations, while Mr. Hazim and Mr. Salehin wii be performing a fast movements in buah pukulan and tekong. The performance has received many audience form the surrounding homestay in Shah Alam.
On the other note , performance by Tuan Guru Mohamad Nizam Mohamed Shapie is a special one which was given the task by PSGM to ensure the trophy will be brought back to Malaysia this time!.
Together we pray for the safety of Malaysian Team in making the nation proud as well as bringing Silat Malaysia to the eyes of the World.
Fatani Nusa Bakti.    

This article was adapted and translated from : seni gayung fatani
Translated by : H@2!m

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