Friday, 2 January 2015

Support Towards PSGFM

Support Towards PSGFM.

On 26th December 2014 PSGFM was contacted by En. Aziwahija, who is a former member of PSGFM. He contacted the Grandmaster or Guru Utama of PSGFM which is Tuan Guru Aminuddin bin Hj. Anuar to have some small chat also supporting every program that that was organized by PSGFM before this.

They interchange suggestions while the Grandmaster, as always gives ideas on how to improve PSGFM further in the future.

This is the kind of cooperation that we need from every angle and together we help each other in order to bring rise the world of Silat in this beautiful yet full with culture Nation.

"Together we STAND, through good and bad times."

PSGFM wishes all the best in his upcoming times, with hope he will have much success.

Translated by : H@Z!M S.

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