Saturday, 30 August 2014

Participants Interview to Europe 2014

Participants Interview to Europe 2014
 – JULY 21, 2014


We would like to inform  there will be an interview which  will be held after  Aidilfitri Celebration 2014 to ensure participation’s spot in the upcoming PSFGM European Tour 2014. To date we are proud to mention we have received MORE than 100 applicants who are very keen to join our PSFGM European Tour 2014.

The interview will be held as follows:
DATE :  9th August 2014
TIME  :  11.00am
VENUE : University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

To applicants that had received our invitational interview letter are advised to prepare for the interview mentally as well as physically . Some basic yet effective guidelines for applicants are given below to help applicants succeed and thus being a part of our prestige PSFGM European Tour 2014.

All the best and good luck.
For further information regarding the interview, please contact us directly at the following number, we will try our best to help you

019-324 4038(whatsapp only)

Translated by : H@Z!M S.




PSGFM Keeping Muzik Silat Baku Malaysia Alive

Pertubuhan Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia (PSGFM) (Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia Association) is being thought based on  Silat Melayu Tradisi (Malay Silat Tradition) which is an original form of silat from the country itself that continusly maintain the usage of  Pergendangan Silat in shows, and competitions.Pergendangan Silat  is so powerful that it can build generations of social heir that will eventually cherish and love the art of Malaysia’s’  tradition music.

Successful teachings that leads to the popularization of  traditional game,  Silat Pulut, PSGFM community are keen and excited to produce new generation experts which will ultimately preserve the beautiful art of Pergendangan Silat, also known as Muzik Silat Baku Malaysia

This beautiful art form uses equipment namely Gendang Ibu, Gendang Anak, Gendang Buah .

Targets and Goals
Main goal of this workshop is to produce undivided attention of  young generations who are from  Silat base in becoming  the new generation back bones in revolutionizing, popularizing as well as expanding Silat Melayu in Malaysia. There is no doubt  there are experienced Pergendang Silat society  in villages but the sad truth is the beautiful art is fading due to lack organization, lacking  in clear goals to  popularize  this art internationally and not even nationally.

With that being said, the expansion of  this Silat becomes everyone’s responsibility. Nevertheless endless supports are being given to us from The Ministry Of Tourism And Culture , Ministry Of Youth And Sports Malaysia , PSGFM , Kelab Silat University Malaya (University Malaya Silat Club) Dan Pusat Cemerlang Silat Malaysia  (Center of Silat Excellence Malaysia).

Muzik Silat Baku Malaysia are at the same time able to produce Pegendang Silat that in turn becomes a symbol of the heir for Silat Music Malaysian version.

For further information please contact us at 017-344 6272 (Guru Shahiid)

Translated by : H@Z!M S.