Wednesday, 8 January 2014

International Research on Silat

International Research on Silat 

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to everyone.

Alhamdulillah and praise to Allah the Almighty, Tuan Guru Dr. Mohamad Nizam Mohamed Shapie has been recognized internationally for his work in the journal of Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts internationally on the first edition in 2013 on Activity profile during action time  in national silat competition. The second edition in 2013 also sees a work of him titled Development of new field-based test of kick speed in youth martial arts.

His work on Development of new field-based tests of kick and movement speed in youth martial arts is idle in developing kicking test and quickness specifically according to Silat. The research that was done alongside Sport Science experts in United Kingdom gives information on how the techniques is usefull to all Silat coaches to increase the speed and agility of kicking in silat olahraga movements.

Pertubuhan Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia CONGRATULATE Tuan Guru Dr. Mohamad Nizam Mohamed Shapie on his success and knows no tiredness in expanding the sport of Silat Olahraga internationally.

Translated by : H@Z!M S.